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Changing the way the world drinks wine.


You can control the Vino Novo two ways.

1) Through the companion app which will allow you to use express settings, community suggested settings or you can adjust the settings manually to your liking.

2) On the top of the Vino Novo is a fully interactive, capacitive touch response input system that allows you to adjust the time and power settings. An accent ring of LEDs will not only indicate the time remaining but will also serve as pleasant mood lighting when not in use.

enhance your wine

Upgrade your wine experience. Everyone deserves to enjoy a tasty bottle of wine, the Vino Novo leverages science and technology to make that possible

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Grab a bottle

The Vino Novo works on all your favorite red wines. You can use a lessor expensive bottle or a name brand, the Vino Novo doesn’t discriminate and will enhance anything placed inside.

Customize your flavor

You can manually adjust the power and time settings, or use our express settings to make it quick and painless. The companion app will allow you to use recommended settings from thousands of other users.

Share with friends

After a short 5-20 minute wait, your wine is ready to enjoy. To add some conversation to any dinner party, we suggest two bottles, one to sample and one to treat. You can share your findings with the rest of the Vino Novo community.



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Learn more about the Vino Novo

The Vino Novo is a revolutionary new product that is going to change the way the world drinks wine. By creating a focused electric field we can alter the chemical makeup of a bottle of wine. It's just enough to change three of the four factors that go into how wine is enjoyed. That would be the taste, the way it smells and the mouth feel. We don’t like to claim it ages, but rather ‘simulate’ aging if it was a varietal able to age.


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