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Vino Novo leverages science and technology to make that possible.

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Vino Novo works by creating an electric field inside the bottle of wine that causes an electro chemical reaction to occur. This reaction causes some of the components inside the wine to break down, which enhances the flavor of less expensive wines and more mature ones.

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We designed it to minimize its foot print and look great sitting on your counter. Features include easy to clean surface, optional colors to choose from, one button start and customizable settings.

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Our revolutionary device ages wine with no audible interruption and provides a customizable endless color spectrum for that perfect mood and ambiance for all your fine wining experience.

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VinoNovo is a first. A revolutionary new forward thinking tech product that allows you to enhance the way you enjoy wine. By utilizing modern technology, VinoNovo allows you an experience tailoring your personal tastes, because everyone deserves a great glass of wine.

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frequently asked questions

How Does Vino Novo Work?

Vino Novo works by focusing a very precise electric field into a bottle of wine, causing an electro-chemical reaction inside the wine that causes some of the chemical compounds inside to break down. This enhances the overall flavor profile of the wine in under 10 minutes.

What Is An Electric Field?

An electric field is defined ‘as the electric force per unit charge’. By applying an electric field to certain chemicals, solutions, dielectric mediums, an individual is capable of altering the chemical state of said solution. By applying a higher voltage electrical field to a bottle of wine, we are essentially rearranging the molecules of the alcohol and altering the state which leads to an adjusted taste, aroma and mouth feel – three of the most important things involved with the taste associated with a bottle of wine.

What Frequency Does The Power Supply Operate At?

This is our secret sauce and how Vino Novo works. We can’t share it yet.

What Is The Wine Buyback?

The wine buyback is a $10k incentive that we are offering to anyone that committed to our Kickstarter campaign. We will refund, up to $10 per bottle, to anyone that submits a social media post and review and tags us in it to let people know how much you like Vino Novo.

Does It Work Overseas?

Yes. Vino Novo works in any country that supports regulated 220v.

How Did You Taste Test This?

We have demonstrated Vino Novo at multiple tech conventions, getting unfettered feedback from thousands of people. We have also done pre and post treatment amino acid testing that shows the variance in some of the amino acids inside the wine.

Does It Work On Liquor?

It does yes. Unfortunately, liquor bottles are not similarly shaped and sized as traditional wine bottles are. To be able to use this on liquor bottles, the device would need to be much wider and be powered by additional components, driving up the cost. We intend to offer an insert however that will allow you to pour liquor (or wine) into the device and use that to serve it to guests.

Will This Work On Any Wine?

It doesn’t work on white wines, only reds. And while we would like to say it works on every wine, that’s a very broad claim and would be impossible for us to test.

Does it include a Warranty?

Vino Novo has been tested extensively and we know you are going to get hundreds if not thousands of uses out of it. Should that not be the case, you are covered under a one year, full replacement guarantee. Should anything mechanical go wrong due to no fault of your own, we will send you an RMA label and replace your unit at no cost to you.

Vino Novo uses science to enhance your wine in less time.  Change the flavor of a less expensive or younger wine or enhance a more mature wine. Vino Novo  builds upon years of human improvement and embellishment to allow you, the consumer to continue to tweak and customize the  flavor profile of your wine in under 10 minutes.